Kaitlyn's Poems

Kaitlyn Langstaff is a nine year old girl who suffers from Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, a severe form of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Kaitlyn writes inspirational poetry. Her poem ďI Am the Same InsideĒ was made into a song.

I Am the Same Inside - 11/02
I Am Truly Thankful - 11/02
I Hate the Doctor - 11/12/02
Tessie - 11/02
My Life - 1/20/03
Steven Johnson Sindrum - 2/14/03
My Brain - 2/18/03
Life in the Hospital - 2/28/03
Destiny - 3/2/03
The Big, Beautiful Pine Tree 3/9/03
Happy Feelings 3/9/03
Fresno 3/11/03
St. Patrickís Day picture
I Search 3/23/03
Softball 3/21/03
Me Being Tortured 3/26/03
ouch is the Sense of Love 4/6/03
Sleepover 4/6/03
I Am a Survivor 5/03
Faithful Father 7/03

Flower and Butterfly
By Kaitlyn 3/12/03

I Am the Same Inside

I am the same inside,
As some people can see.
But some people think Iím weird
Because they donít look inside of me.

I am the same inside.
Thatís what I want people to know.
So Iím going to start
Letting it show.

I am the same inside.
Iím not dumb in any way.
I just want to be like
A normal kid and play.

I am the same inside,
Just like a normal kid.
And I want to let everybody know,
This is what I did.

Copyright 2002 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

I Am Truly Thankful

I am truly thankful,
For the earth, the stars and the moon.
And for music,
And its tune.

I am truly thankful,
For friends who played with me.
All through this awful tragedy.

I am truly thankful,
For the home I sleep in,
And the food,
That gives me good nutrition.

I am truly thankful,
For my family and the times we share.
And for all my doctors,
That gave me good hospital care.

I am truly thankful for God,
Because when Iím praying heís listening to me.
And on this Thanksgiving Day,
I pray that peaceful is what the world will be.

11/02 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

I Hate the Doctor

I hate the doctor
It is a yucky place.
The eye doctor shines lights
In your face.

I hate the doctor,
it is boring in every way.
The ENT talks to my Mom and Dad,
and I have to stay.

I hate the doctor,
I have a lot more.
But they are so bad,
them Iíll ignore.

11/12/02 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff


My Dad promised me a puppy,
But I got her instead.
We rescued her from the street,
And now she is safe and well fed.

Her name is Tes,
We call her Tessie.
And we donít care,
If she is messy.

We love her so,
And we will never,
Ever let her go.

11/02 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

My Life

My life has caused me problems and doubts,
And it sometimes put my face in the pouts.

But my life gave me some laughs and smiles,
And makes me believe I can run for miles.

In the last couple of years my life turned upside down,
But, just because Iím blind, canít speak or have a trach,
Doesnít mean I have to frown.

I believe all my wishes will come true,
And I wonít be so sad and blue.

1/30/03 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

Steven Johnson Sindrum

Dear Mr. Steven Johnson Sindrum,
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am really mad at you.
For giving me a trach,
Also making me blind and mute,
I donít think youíre very cute.
Youíre as ugly as heck,
You smell like Shreck and,
I hope this poem gives a clue to you!

2/14/03 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

My Brain

This is my brain moving around inside my head,
Each line stands for something I know.

2/18/03 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

Life in the Hospital

I am walking through the long dark white hallways in the hospital.
Lights are flashing,
Beepers and alarms and buzzers are going off every second.
You can hear screaming and crying from the emergency room.
Peopleís lives could be lost in any room at any second.
Nurses and doctors are discussing patients.
Parents are crying and wondering ďwhy me, why did my kid have to get sick?Ē
And poor sick kids are sleeping with un-normal insides.
Sickness is rolling around them messing them up.
And they wonder, ďWill I wake up in the morning
or is this my last night to sleep?Ē

2/28/03 Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff


Destiny is the dream of your future,
Destiny is your life you wish to live
Destiny is what we want to give.

When you wish upon a star,
for something near and far,
You start thinking your wish wonít come true,
But really they do Ďcause of

Destiny is the dream of your future,
Destiny is your life you wish to live
Destiny is what we want to give.

Itís all up to you,
You can choose your lifeís dreams
and wishes if you want to
I can help you make them come true
Believe in your

Destiny is the dream of your future,
Destiny is your life you wish to live
Destiny is what we want to give.

When you think itís gonna end
Come to me my friend
and make another wish on a shooting star and
run across a rainbow into your

Destiny is the dream of your future,
Destiny is your life you wish to live
Destiny is what we want to give.

Kaitlyn Langstaff
March 2, 2003

The Big, Beautiful Pine Tree

I start out as a seed. Then I start to grow into a big, beautiful pine tree.  Then one day a man needs some wood so he chops down my beautiful tree.  Smak! Over time the roots start to crumble, but then Spring comes and shows the roots that they can grow again. And over time the big beautiful pine tree comes back to natureís life.

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff
March 9, 2003

Happy Feelings

Happy feelings is when I think about angels and God,
When I know that everything is going to be O.K. with my health.

Happy is when Iím playing with my dogs, my stuffed animals or my friends.

I am happy when me or someone I know wins a competition at something theyíve been working hard at.
When I go outside and feel the fresh air on my face,
smelling the flowers, imaging how pretty they are,
 and listening to to whatever is around me.

A year ago I thought that you had to be perfectly healthy to be happy, but now I know that is defiantly a lie.

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff
March 9, 2003


Fears and thoughts running through my mind.
Rolling through the place, the setting where my tragedy started.
Everybody knows this will be challenging, but Iíll show them I can stick it out.
Sleeping and dreaming about my sister, me and my past, my destiny.
Not believing, yes not believing anything can happen to me.
Oh my word Iím actually going to do this!

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

Happy St. Patrickís Day, March 17, 2003

I Search

I searched across the seven seas,
Through all the fields and valleys.

I searched high and low on mountains and hills.
I went to every continent,
and searched every inch of them.

But, I still have a long way of life to reach you.
Thank you for my strength.

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff


Shouting out cheers - 2, 4, 6, 8.
Opening Day is tomorrow and I canít wait.
French fries at the snack shack with ketchup, chili and cheese.
Tall, short, big or small, to play softball just smile and say please.
Balls, bats, bases and a mitt.
Anyone can play if they never quit!
Losing or winning itís a great activity.
Learning softball is something extra to me!

(Written for Campbell Bobby Sox Opening Day)
Kaitlyn Langstaff

Me Being Tortured
By Kaitlyn Langstaff

Touch is the Sense of Love

Iím scared,
You hold me.

I cry,
You hold me close.

Iím hurt,
You hold me closer.

Touch is the sense of love.

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff


We ate pizza and brownies and ice cream.
All we did was scream.
We watched a ton of DVDs.
And never had to say, ďPlease.Ē
We had face masks.
Party, party - itís no task!

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

I Am a Survivor

I am a survivor
I am a hero some people say.
Iím an inspiration, but I think Iím the same old me,
even though people know me across the nation.
I donít want to be famous.
I donít want people all around the world to know who I am.
My life, my story.
I just want to wake up and not be such a glory.

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

Faithful Father

Faithful father,
Tall, brave and strong.
Faithful father
 To him I belong.
It was then he cried,
when I almost died.
Faithful father
  My life I depend on you.

Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff

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