Kaitlyn's 'The Same Inside' is concert highlight

By Mary Ann Cook

BENEFIT FOR KAITLYN: A benefit concert for 8-year-old Saratogan Kaitlyn Langstaff will be held March 1 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Santana Row in San Jose. A new song, written by Don Miggs and based on a poem by Kaitlyn, is on a CD that will be sold at the benefit.

The poem is called "I Am the Same Inside," and Miggs' pop/rock band recorded it. All Stars Helping Kids, a nonprofit led by former '49er Ronnie Lott, donated the money for the duplication of the CD. Robert Berry of Soundtek Studios offered his studio to produce the song.

"It has turned out to be a very emotional yet uplifting song," Romeo Durscher of ROCK 101 promotions reports. "We have gotten wonderful support for this event. This is about the spirit of the community, how we all can make a difference, and it's about Kaitlyn."

"Kaitlyn loves music, and so we decided to organize an all-age benefit concert, invite top local bands and record a benefit CD," said Erica K. Weil, co-owner of ROCK 101. Kaitlyn turns 9 a few days before the benefit and would like to sing onstage if she's able.

Kaitlyn was stricken with a debilitating disease last spring, has been in and out of hospitals ever since, and has been near death several times. Members of her class at school will have a poetry contest and read the winning works at the benefit. The CD will include songs from all the artists performing for Kaitlyn, as well as the song based on her poem.

The poem talks about Kaitlyn's feelings and how she just wants to be a normal kid again. The entertainers include teenager Rachel Lauren; Courtney C. Patty, a local singer/songwriter; and Sweet Durations, a male and female vocal group. The website is located at www.rock101promotions.com/kaitlyn.htm.