June 26, 2002 Campbell, California Since 1999


Businesses rally support
when the need is presented

By Michelle C. Crowe

There's an old saying that the true test of a person's character is during adversity. Right now, the caring spirit of Campbell's business community has shone through in three different situations: in the life of a sick child, during a difficult campaign and through sickness and death.

By now, most people have heard about young Kaitlyn Langstaff, the 8-year-old Forest Hill student who experienced a rare and devastating allergic reaction during a tournament in Fresno. While it is encouraging that Kaitlyn has been moved closer to her family, to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, what's especially heartwarming is how the community has responded to help the family.

Three Peppers Multi-Cuisine Restaurant owner Timmy Kappor generously offered to donate 40 percent of the restaurant's proceeds at a May 28 fundraiser to the Kaitlyn Sierra Langstaff Fund. The even bigger news? That 40 percent also included tips! More than 200 people turned out to support the family. The idea was created by Forest Hill teacher David May and Timmy Kappor.