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Links to TV reports and newspaper articles about Kaitlyn Langstaff and her battle with Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, a severe form of Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

San Jose Mercury News - Jan. 1, 2005
“Parents Seek Warnings on Painkillers for Kids”
Deaths, Lawsuits Swirl Around Drug Sold Over Counter

Saratoga News - December 29, 2004
2004 Year in Review

Associated Press - Dec. 28, 2004
Suit: Children’s Motrin Has Side Effects
Lawsuit Filed in Los Angeles Claims Children’s Motrin Causes Severe Side Effects

Saratoga News - December 22 - 2004
Letters & Opinions “Kaitlyn May Be Gone, But Never Forgotten”

KCBS - Nov. 30, 2004
“Fatal Fever - A Special Assignment”
A special assignment consumer alert. It is the story of two little girls who took the same over the counter pain medication. Hours later they both wound up in the hospital, in excruciating pain. Click here for the rest of this story by Investigative Reporter, Randy Paige.

San Jose Mercury News - January 18, 2004
“Memorial for girl felled by illness”

Almaden Times Weekly - January 15, 2004
“Stricken 9-year-old leaves a community to mourn and celebrate her life”

Saratoga News - Jan. 14, 2004
“Memorial service will be a celebration of Kaitlyn”

San Jose Mercury News - Jan. 11, 2004
Memorial celebration planned in S.J. Saturday for Saratoga girl”

Campbell Times - Jan. 10, 2004
“Kaitlyn’s Legacy”

San Jose Mercury News - Dec. 22, 2003
“Pets Help Us Hold on for Dear Life”

San Jose Mercury News - Dec. 19, 2003
“Disease Claims Inspiring Girl”

San Jose Mercury News - Nov. 5, 2003
Talent scouts should check out local artists on charity CD”

Metroactive Silicon Valley - April 10, 2003
Without Warning - A rare but debilitating and potentially deadly allergic reaction to some drugs, including Children's Motrin, may be on the rise. But you won't read about it on drug labels”

Saratoga News - April 9, 2003
Winning a state championship... just imagine!”

San Jose Mercury News - March 20, 2003
Parents of Stricken Girl Sue Makers of Children’s Motrin”

Saratoga News - March 19, 2003
Fashion show is a benefit for Kaitlyn”

Saratoga News - March 19, 2003 - Saratoga Sampler Column
Young Writers”

San Jose Mercury News - The Guide - March 13, 2003
Students to Help Stricken Girl”

Campbell Times - March 2003
“Kaitlyn’s Benefit Concert Proves That Silicon Valley Has a Heart”

Campbell Reporter - March 5, 2003
Kaitlyn throws first pitch, opening game”

Spartan Daily - March 3, 2003
“Concert held to benefit child with Stevens Johnson Syndrome”

San Jose Mercury News - March 2, 2003
“Making Music for Kaitlyn”

Saratoga News - Feb. 26, 2003
“Kaitlyn Langstaff's family faces her rare illness with strength and love”

San Jose Mercury News - Feb. 23, 2003
“In Kaitlyn’s Own Words”
Photos from the article
Kaitlyn’s family and Miggs
Kaitlyn and Kelly in the studio
Don Miggs singing “I Am the Same Inside”

Saratoga News - Feb. 19, 2003
Kaitlyn's 'The Same Inside' is concert highlight”

San Jose Mercury News - Jan. 8, 2003
“Kids inspired to aid ailing Saratoga girl”

San Jose Mercury News - Dec. 8, 2002
Kaitlyn's spirit inspires kindness
Offers of Benefit CD, Money Given to Girl With rare Disease

San Jose Mercury News - Nov. 28, 2002
“Kaitlyn's courage
ubes, Oxygen Tank Haven’t Stopped 8 Year Old

San Jose Mercury News - Kaitlyn’s Poem - Nov. 28, 2002
“Kaitlyn’s Poem”

Campbell Times - Oct. 2002
“Kaitlyn Returns to School”

Saratoga News - July 17, 2002
Car wash, auction raises funds for Kaitlyn”

The Campbell Reporter - June 26, 2002
“Businesses rally support when the need is presented”

San Jose Mercury News - June 24, 2002

San Jose Mercury News - June 3, 2002
“Kaitlyn's Network
Friends, Neighbors Rally to Help Saratoga Family Face Girl’s Rare Medical Condition