Feb. 2003

Kaitlyn turned 9 years old this week!  We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate another year with our amazing daughter. She was so excited about her birthday! Kaitlyn is feeling a bit stronger these days and is much less scared about everyday things.  She announced last week that she wanted to start going to school by herself without Mom and Dad! And she has been at school everyday since then with just her Health Aide. 

Kaitlyn is also trying to eat some solid foods.  She goes to Speech Therapy twice a week and is working on chewing and swallowing. So far she has tried shrimp, rice, yogurt, pancakes, biscuits and chocolate. She has a difficult time swallowing and spits up quite often, but she keeps on trying. The other good news is that she is gaining weight.  In fact she has gained 11 pounds since Christmas and almost weighs what she did prior to getting sick.  She has another surgery scheduled for March in a second attempt to remove the strictures in her esophagus. She actually wants to have the surgery this time because she wants to be able to eat normal foods so badly!

The "I Am" Benefit Concert for Kaitlyn is this Saturday, March 1.  We have many family members coming in from out of town to attend. Kaitlyn's song was played on 104.9 FM Sunday and on 106.5 FM this morning. The last time our families were all together was in the waiting room at Children's Hospital Los Angeles under very trying circumstances. We view the concert as a celebration of life and a time to rejoice in the way our community has come

Other than that we are all just trying our best to get on with our life, to enjoy each day we have with our wonderful children and to try not to get too stressed out about things we don't have the power to change.

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